Vegan Pastry, Made for Joy


Food is joy and pleasure. It makes every day, every minute and every second better. As a vegan, you are committed to making this world a better place too with your food and we don’t want you to compromise on either taste or ethics. Because of this, we have developed delicious pastries that are cruelty-free and yet absolutely enjoyable and a real treat. Try it yourself, you will be surprised!


Fresh, fresh, fresh. Everything we sell comes straight from the kitchen on the day you buy it and that has a simple reason: taste. At Nono Cakes, we don’t settle for mediocre and because of that, we spend the nights baking away for our clients. Everything we make will reach you within 12 hours to make sure that you get the tastiest vegan pastry you will ever have!


Most people won’t believe it at first bite, but everything we make is vegan. We have been vegan our entire life and never learned to bake with animal products, which gives us the chance to create recipes that taste great without trying to mimic animal products all the time. But don’t get us wrong our donuts, cakes, and savory pastries stand tall against their regular counterparts and don’t have to hide when the critics come around.


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Day Made Coffee

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The Dutch Weed Burger

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Our Story

Our parents turned vegan in their youth and therefore, we have been vegan all our lives and that is great. Not only for the environment, the animals, but also for ourselves. There was just one day a year where it really wasn’t great: our birthdays. There was never a really delicious and vegan cake around. We bought vegan cupcakes once but were so disappointed, that we lost all hope. At the age of 14, we started baking ourselves and developed some of the recipes that we still use. In 2016, we decided that the rest of the world deserves vegan birthday cakes, vegan donuts and all things pastry too. That was the day, we started Nono Cakes!

Our Products

Whether you are looking for sweet or savoury pastry, we got your back. Nono Cakes offers donuts, cakes, sausage rolls, spinach pastries, cupcakes, banana bread, brownies, blondies and so much more. You can click through our products on the right or take a look at our order page to see prices and order directly. If you are ordering for retail, please visit the retail login page.

Order Online or Visit our partners

If you are looking to treat yourself to some really delicious vegan pastry, simply fill in the order form and get it directly delivered to your home (only in Amsterdam right now!). If you feel like a more out-of-home experience, try our pastries without minimum order quantity at one of our partners in Amsterdam.


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