Nono Cakes is based on a very simple premise: We wanted to eat vegan pastry that tasted as good as it looked. We have been vegan our entire life and while there are surely some good products out there, we had not found what we were looking for. In 2016, we took things in our own hands and started baking day and night, to create pastry recipes that keep their tasty promises. Nono Cakes was born

Donut Forget Me

One of our most sold, most appreciated and most special items are our vegan donuts. They have been praised from the first donut that went over the counter at Vegabond. By now, you can get many varieties online and at our partners. Your donut dreams are only limited by your imagination. Deep-fried, sugary and juicy, our vegan donuts will have you ask for more and more, and more and more!

Tompouce, Banana Bread, Cinnamon Rolls & Brownies

Nono Cakes is a Dutch company, and tompouce are as essential for us as cheese. While we never tried to create a vegan cheese, we managed to create a recipe that will even have your non-vegan friends ask for more vegan tompouce. But our kitchen isn’t limited to donuts and tompouce, our banana breads¬†are best sellers at our partners and we often sell entire loafs at food fairs and festivals. Vegan cinnamon rolls and brownies have just recently entered our sortiment but are already a fan favourite; there isn’t much better than a cinnamon filled delight with your morning coffee and death-by-chocolate brownies to end the day!

Life is not always sweet

Sometimes a day asks for something more serious and not so sweet and that is when our puff pastries come in. Vegan sausage rolls made from tofu or spinach pastries are great for lunch, a good snack on the go or simply the entree to a buffet made of vegan cakes, vegan donuts, banana bread and more vegan delights!


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